Anna is a Russian countess who is forced to flee after the Russian Revolution breaks and her father dies. Her loyal English governess brings her and her remaining family to London, where other Russian aristocrats are also refugees. In order to give her brother the opportunity to attend a good school, Anna decides to take a temporary job as a maid in a country estate. The owner, Rupert, Earl of Westerholme, is soon to come back from WWI and plans to introduce his fiancée to the neighbourhood.

This fiancée is of course the villain you love to hate: she’s beautiful, rich, and a passionate believer in eugenics – selective breeding in order to achieve a master race. Yep, Evil Incarnated! And Rupert doesn’t suspect a thing, poor blind fool.

It’s easy to imagine what follows, and while the plot was predictable, and Anna your typical Mary Sue, there were enough fun characters and sub-plots to help keep things interesting.

I was never a fan of romance novels, but keep giving it one more try after yet another fervent recommendation. I love a good romantic comedy and have such fun with certain chick-lits, that I feel I should enjoy romance more. But alas, the predictability and “black&whiteness” of the plots always bring out my cynic side. Just like Georgette Heyer’s plots, the whole concept that nobility is genetic (e.g. These Old Shades) makes the Republican in me cringe…