Dear WordPress users: have you noticed how WordPress spell-check not only goes after grammar errors, but also suggests other words as an alternative to the ones you use?

The thing is, I’m not sure it’s because they fit better, but because they’re just less complex. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but you know what they say: just because if you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not really after you 🙂 It brings to mind Orwell’s Newspeak, “the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year”.

Since my native language has a Latin basis I’m already more prone to use complicated words, reading a lot of classics also helps… but why should that be a problem? I like rich a rich vocabulary and even the occasional old-fashion expression.

Some examples:

  • Apparent to clear, plain
  • Ultimate to final, greatest
  • Component to part

Do you have the same experience?