(Listen to Cuddy’s Serenade, a song written by Hugh Laurie)

The genes that make a good story entrance me more than the average person don’t only apply to books, they also affect TV and movies. There’s this whole world of stories, characters and their interaction that make me all cozy inside and have been an infinite source of joy in darker times. It’s not a coincidence that I read more and watch more series when something is not going well in the real world. I even feel good just thinking about the good stories yet to come – the ones to be invented and the ones waiting in the shelves.

Good stories are like an anti-stress ball I can mentally squeeze. If ever a psychiatrist asked me to “go into a happy place”, I would probably find myself in the plains of Rohan or remembering the Lost episode where Desmond makes a phone call on Christmas Eve.

It’s been a while since I’ve invested so much in a TV character as I do with House’s Lisa Cuddy. She’s very close to the woman I would love to be and her interaction with House is everything I appreciate in a good fictional relationship. This is why a part of the fantasy world inside my head is crumbling after the news that Lisa Edelstein is leaving the series and not joining Season 8, which is likely the series’ last.

This would only compare if J.K. Rowling had decided to kill off Hermione in book 6. I’ve been interested in Cuddy for the last 7 years and the last two seasons had some of the best TV moments I’ve ever seen (finale of season 5 and 6 in particular), exactly because there’s more focus on her.

*big sigh*

Is it normal to feel this sad about something fictional when there’s so much happening out there in the real world?

Have you ever had any fictional disappointment like this? Any beloved series got canceled or an actor playing a favorite character decided to move on to greener pastures?