This year was the first time Joanna and I made a 5-book exchange. It’s been a great experience and so far I really enjoyed everything she recommended: Kindred, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden and The Star of the Sea. I’m at the moment almost finished with Out by Natsuo Kirino and already have The Space Between Us on the shelf, still to be read this month.

Meanwhile, an off-line friend of ours, also from Brussels, joined the book blogging world – check out Like People and Butterflies and say hi to Larissa for me. So in 2012 the (only?) three bloggers Bruxellois are doing an exchange between them, and the books are already lined up (see here for Larissa & Joanna’s mutual choices).

My books to Joanna

Now that I know her better, I can more confidently chose a balance between the type of books I think she’ll like, and the ones she wouldn’t normally pick but might still appreciate.

My books to Larissa

Just three of my absolute favorites. Hope they’re her cup of tea as well…

Books I’ll read chosen by Joanna

I like the mix of “lit” and “light-lit”. Especially looking forward to Vernon God Little.

Book I’ll read chosen by Larissa

There are translations for the two last ones, but I’ve decided to read them in the original. It’s a good excuse to stop being lazy and read novels in French. At the moment I only do it with comics.

I know other bloggers out there also do exchanges. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve chosen this year!