Fear not, despite the book’s name, there is only a very tenuous link to the Darcys :). There’s actually no scene involving any of Austen’s characters and that might be the reason why I enjoyed The Second Mrs. Darcy, my first novel by Aston.

The Second Mrs Darcy is about Octavia, who, while living in India, meets and marries Captain Darcy (a widow, hence the “Second”), a cousin of the original Fitzwilliam Darcy. When we meet her she’s 25, recently widowed and trying to figure out how she’ll live on the little money her husband left her.

Again, fear not! Soon after, she inherits a fortune from a conveniently long-forgotten aunt and decides to go back to England to take possession and deal with her Horrible Family.

You would of course expect a focus on the romantic story, but it only starts about 50 pages in, and even then there’s not a lot of it. This was surprisingly not a problem, because the best thing about the book was the glimpse into Regency life and seeing Octavia hold her own among people who underestimate her.

I liked that she liked fashion and building things with her hands, horses and architecture, traveling and decorating.

I don’t have much more to say about the book: it was entertaining and it gave me new hope for Austen spin-offs. Truth be told, the connection to Austen was almost non-existent, but I understand that an author also has to pay the rent…

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