Remember when a while ago I mention that life was happening on this side of the line, leading me to a blogging and book-slump? I meant that literally. Here’s the proof!

Now that I’m done with the first trimester I’m returning to life and doing Things again. Things that don’t imply eating, sleeping and watching past episodes of Project Runway and Doctor Who, that is.

Meanwhile I also did a bit of travelling. Had a conference in Orlando and then took a few days off to go on a road-trip around Florida. So now that I’m back in already-chilly Brussels, hopefully blogging will return to regular programming.

Happy Fall/Spring (depending of where in the world you are)!

The perfect parking spot for my rented car.
Fort Myers entered history as the location of my first Gulf of Mexico swim.

One of the descendants of Hemingway’s cats at the Hemingway House, Key West.

Reading A Farewell to Arms where it was written.

One of best beaches I’ve ever visited – South Beach, Miami (reading Moab is My Washpot by Stephen Fry).

Simulation of Apollo 11’s launch, Kennedy Space Center.