My online bookclub was looking for a comfort read and while browsing Goodreads’ Most Comforting Reads list we were all attracted by the storyline of Violets of March: after a nasty divorce, Emily decides to have some me-time with an aunt who lives in a gorgeous island. There she discovers an old diary that uncovers Dark Family Secrets.

Written this way, I really fail to see what the attraction was. It has “formulaic” all over and it delivers: white woman with a seemingly perfect life and enviable husband discovers she has been blind, that everything was A LIE! and goes on an adventure to a place full of handsome men who fall for her at first sight. In the meantime she still has time to dig into her family’s history, heal past wrongs and restore her faith in true love.

So, not my cuppa, but I can see the attraction. There’s definitely a comforting side to it, even if just because you already know the story from somewhere.


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