fictfact_logo_200_200I really didn’t need to be in yet another online platform, but couldn’t resist the idea of having my series organised. With FictFact I can track my progress and it warns me of new publications in all the series I follow.

I also like the quick overview of the books I have coming up in my profile page and to be able to nose around the series my friends are following (search sleeplessreader and feel free to add me).

Going through my stats is fun but it triggers the familiar “so many books, so little time” anxiety. I am currently following 61 series, but these include books on the TBR, so of those I haven’t even started 30. I’ve completed 50% or more of only 12 series and shamefully I’m only up to date on two (how is that possible?): the Wolf Hall Trilogy and Juliet Marillier’s Wildwood Dancing.

This is a list of the top 10 series I’m keener to start. Many have been on the shelf looking at me with big Puss in Boots eyes for a while. I’m thinking that the Long Awaited Reads might be a good opportunity to finally start a couple of them.

Go ahead and nudge me in the direction of your favorites 😉

series 1

  • Morland Dynasty by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
    The Founding
  • Jackson Brodie by Kate Atkinson
    Case Histories
  • Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson
  • Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, Ben
    Rivers of London/Midnight Riot
  • New Crobuzon by China Miéville
    Perdido Street Station
  • Dune by Frank Herbert
  • Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell
    The Sparrow
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine by Sharon Kay Penman
    When Christ and His Saints Slept
  • Welsh Princes by  Sharon Kay Penman
    Here Be Dragons
  • Moosepath League by Van Reid
    Cordelia Underwood

series 2