1. Continue to re-read
100 Years of Solitude is a prioritymy favorite for many many years. Will also celebrate the 200th anniversary of Emma’s publication.

2. Read more sci-fi
… but avoid reading only the classics as I did in 2014 (although Dune has been in the TBR for too long). They were interesting, but none made the best-of list. Heard great things about The Martian in audiobook.

3. Read more in Portuguese, Spanish and French

This has been a resolution for years but I never really manage to pull it off, especially when it comes to Spanish (zero for the last 3 years). French does better because of graphic novels (4 in 2014) and Portuguese because of a virtual book club, but still, only 1 last year :(.

4. Read the only two Brontë sisters’ books I’ve never read
Charlotte’s The Professor and Shirley.

5. Finish several series
The Tea Rose, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Narnia, The House of Niccolo, The Dark is Rising

6. Participate in more blogging events
This was also a resolution last year, but I only truly returned to blogging at the end of the year, too late to do anything about it. In 2015 I plan to join the Deal Me In Short-Story Challenge, Ada Lovelace Day, The Armchair Audies and anything else that catches my eye along the way.